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Danny Eiden

I am Danny Eiden, a developer with an interdisciplinary mind. My goal is to combine a deep understanding of computers, people, and businesses to create novel products. I have focussed my career to date on building early stage startups from the ground up. My contributions have ranged from designing a publicly shared JavaScript library for frontend data access to developing and managing an industry-leading customer support strategy. In addition to my professional background, I have taken numerous classes in computer science, marketing, psychology, and design. These experiences have given me the tools for whole-brain thinking, and it is my lifelong passion to use this unique mindset to solve difficult problems.

In my personal life, I enjoy rock climbing, attending concerts, and learning Spanish. I was born a dog person but recently adopted a cat who stole my heart. I believe in the power of collective action and the common good. I am a coffee snob, but I respect coffee drinkers (and non-drinkers) of all stripes.



While my skillset is diverse, software engineering is my core. I am a passionate full stack web developer, having produced both polished front-end and high performance back-end code. In my my free time, I enjoy tinkering with new tools and languages to keep my skills sharp. Whatever kind of programmer a project requires, I can deliver.

UX & Design

When creating software, the user always comes first. I aim to delight individuals with my work by understanding them at a deep level. I have directly contributed to designing and implementing the UX of a large SaaS product lauded by its customers for being both intuitive and beautiful. With this experience, I feel confident I can overcome any design challenge.

Product Management

It is imperative to have team members who understand business in addition to technology. From competitive landscape to LTV:CAC, I like to know everything about the products I work on. My professional experience and business classes have equipped me to handle the entire breadth of challenges that one might face when managing a product.